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Company Profile

Laxmi Power Solutions (LPS) is a manufacturing company which was established in 2012 in response to the rising power outage problem. Actually the reason behind it is that the founder of our company Mr. Netrapal Solanki  was already deeply involved in electrical Engineering & Industry from few years ago. Our Company previously deals in the DG Sets-Sales, Repair, Maintenance and also some other types and sizes of Electrical Product After that we saw and realized that many accidents happen in industries due to wrong Earthing System After that we did a lot of research and practicals on earthing, also understood the conventional earthing system very well, and due to this we made Chemical Earthing System and launched it in the market. Now our major products are Chemical Earthing Electrodes, Rods, GI Pipe Earthing, Cast Iron Pipe Earthing, GI Plate Earthing, Copper Plate Earthing, Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode, Copper Bonded Rods, Copper Lightning Arrester, Earthing Pit Covers etc. We have broadened our product portfolio to accommodate clients in the home, factory, business, and other areas.

Our earthing equipment stands among the industry's best. Earthing process connects a non-current-carrying conductor of an electrical system to the earth's mass so that any energy is instantly released to the ground. In addition to lowering the risk of fire caused, effective earthing protects persons against electrical shock.

Our products are easy to operate and maintain. We ensure total transparency in all business interactions and adhere to the predefined values of honesty and loyalty. We prioritize satisfying the demands of our customers and do all possible to ensure their satisfaction.

Our Solutions

  • Airport Authorities
  • Buildings & Structures
  • Defense
  • Electrical & Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical Cablings
  • Industries
  • Modern Houses
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Power Transmission Yards
  • PWDs
  • Railway
  • Roads and Lights Poles
  • Telecommunication & Computer Networking

Our Advantages

  • We are a well-known grounding and Earthing solutions provider in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Northern India.
  • Our Chemical Earthing System requires no regular upkeep and can last for decades with just a single installation.
  • The customers are always safe from electric shock with our products.
  • High conductivity and low resistance are our hallmarks, allowing electricity to flow freely and promptly discharge into the ground.

Key Facts of Laxmi Power Solutions:

Nature of Business

Manufacturer and Exporter

Company Branches

In Faridabad

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Number of Production Units


Production Type

Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual

Monthly Production Capacity

As per the clients' requirements

Working as an Original Equipment Manufacturer


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